2012 CFP – Uncovering Cultural Artifacts

Cultural artifacts are things we treasure, hold as part of our collective history, and deem worthy of study. But how do these cultural artifacts work? Who gets to decide what qualifies as a cultural artifact? And how do these artifacts increasingly figure within the scope of English Studies? At this conference, our goal is to examine the idea of cultural artifacts from every facet of English Studies, including the standpoints of literature and culture, rhetoric/s and composition, and language and linguistics. As cultural studies increasingly figures within the many iterations of the field of English, this conference explores the relationships between the disciplines of English Studies and cultural artifacts.

Proposals should be electronically submitted via e-mail to EnglishStudiesAtlarge@gmail.com. Proposals should include your name, school affiliation, title of your presentation, technology needs, a brief (100 word) biography, and a contact e-mail address on the first page. The second page should be a 250-word abstract of your proposed presentation with no identifying information. Panel proposals should include a title for the panel and information for three or four presenters on the first page and abstracts without identifying information on successive pages.

The conference will include both an undergraduate focus in the morning and a graduate focus in the afternoon, but we hope, in its entirety, that this will be a learning experience for everyone who attends. The deadline for submission is December 16, 2011. The second annual ESAL Conference will be Saturday, February 11, 2012 in Stevenson Hall at Illinois State University.


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